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B40_B41_B42_CRACE_1868_Photo taken by Brayden Sturt and Holly Selway B15_B16_HIGGINS_1866_Photo by Brian Thom Köln: T. Flavius Bassus Crown Hill Cemetery - Indianapolis, IN you should never have to bury your own baby Seated Mourner With Hands on Knee Green Moss 0855 M1_M2_SPECK_1982_Photo by Amelia and Sam and Rutendo (1) H36_MILWAY_1924_Photo by Amelia and Sam and Rutendo (1) Mainz: Cantaber DSC01984_ep_gs Comb graves in Brown and Neal Cemetery Comb graves in Shiloh Cemetery Comb grave of infant, single burial Comb grave in Winningham Cemetery britischer Soldatenfriedhof Vaughan Cemetery, Sussex Co. NJ SHUMEN-89 Hand On Her Heart And Head In The Sky Halloween and Linden Trees landscapes Poison General Georg Frederik von Krogh's Familie-Begravelse Père Lachaise Cemetery fern and flower pot Iowa graveyard tombstone Whitchurch Grave Garden shed at Kempley Church Pulaski Harford Structures 26 IMG_3025 San Francisco - Mission District: Mission San Francisco de Asís Cemtery - Don Luís Antonio Argüello grave
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