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Tomb of Sultan Selim I

Tomb of Sultan Selim I

Tomb of Sultan Selim II is one of the most beautiful İstanbul tombs as well as one of the 18 tombs built by Sinan, the famous Turkish architect. The Sultan had ordered a tomb for himself beside Hagia Sophia as yet he was in the land of the living, however since the tomb was not completed when he died, the construction of the tomb was continued and completed three years later (1577).
The structure is an octagonal and its entire outer surfaces are coated with marble. There are ceramic panels with purple, red, green and blue flower motives on white background which are placed at both sides of the entrance door. These panels are the most beautiful examples of 16th century ceramics, while the left one is the imitation of the original. It is known that, it had been taken away for restoration to France in 1895 by an ancient collector Albert Sorlin DORIGNY, a dentist in Istanbul who was the dentist of Sultan Abdülhamit II as well, however an imitation was mounted in the place of the original which is now exhibited in “Arts of Islam” section of Louvre Museum with the inventory number of 3919/2-265. The kündekari styled main entrance door of the tomb has mother of pearl and geometrical liner ornaments, while it is a prominent example of woodworking.

There are a number of 42 sarcophaguses. Sultan Selim II who ruled Ottoman Empire for 8 years 2 months and 19 days is buried in the opposite of the entrance. Nurbanu who was died in 1585 and was the mother of his son Murad III buried near him. At the other side of the Sultan, his daughter Hacer Güherhan who was the wife of Piyale Pasha is buried. Near her, his other daughter İsmihan who was the wife of Sokollu Mehmet Pasha and later Kalaylı Koz Ali Pasha is buried. One of the two sarcophaguses at the entrance belongs to Fatma who was one of the daughters of Selim II and the wife of Siyavuş Pasha. The sons of Selim II, Süleyman, Osman, Cihangir, Mustafa, Abdullah as well as the sons and daughters of Murad III are also buried in this tomb.

Hagia Sophia
İstanbul, Türkiye

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Photo taken @ İstanbul on 23 August 2014 (© PhotoLanda / Flickr)

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