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Tomb 1

National treasure - Peru's hairless dog

Gilded head of a cow representing the goddess Hathor 18th dynasty New Kingdom Egypt


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Cadder parish church 07

Cimitero abbandonato di Castell'Apertole

Museo Egizio Torino_07022016-127


The Grange Boneyard 021

Mausoleo del General Narváez

skinned knees

The Sufi at Hamed al-Nil tomb: Friday service

Tomb of Sultan Selim I

In shadow

Пятигорск. Nεκρόπολις / Pyatigorsk. Nεκρόπολις

Пятигорск. Nεκρόπολις / Pyatigorsk. Nεκρόπολις

Bath Abbey / Somerset (UK): tomb of a bishop

Fatih Nakşıdil Sultan Tomb, İstanbul

Edge Hill Cemetery

Image taken from page 543 of 'The Struggle of the Nations. Egypt, Syria, and Assyria ... Edited by A. H. Sayce. Translated by M. L. McClure. With map ... and ... illustrations'

Image taken from page 237 of 'An Account of Palmyra and Zenobia, with travels and adventures in Bashan and the desert ... With eighty illustrations and thirty-two full-page engravings'


Gold leaf-beads from the Aidonia Treasure

Statues lining entrance, Minh Mang Tomb


Protogeometric bird-vase from Skyros

Buenos Aires - Monserrat: Mausoleo del General Manuel Belgrano

Arch fibulae of the 2nd animal style.

Hand Over Heart (Alexandria National Cemetery 6) - #142

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