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Gravestone for the Legionary Titus Tombeau de la reine Marie de Hongrie, ancienne église gothique de Santa Maria Donnaregina Vecchia, Naples, Campanie, Italie. Серпухов. Могилы неизвестных / Serpukhov. Tomb of the Unknown Statue of Ra-wer King Tutankhamun's tomb goods: gloves DSC_0880 (1) King Tutankhamun's tomb goods: chair DSC_0915 Paris France - Dôme Des Invalides at Les Invalidesa  -  Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte εύζωνες Geese 8 Görlitz/Germany - Nikolaifriedhof “From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, / A light from the shadows shall spring” ―J.R.R. Tolkien 🔥 Kulen Vakuf (Bosnia) Confederate Monument Miami City Cemetery Impasto four-handled ovoid olla with lid, from S. Marzano sul Sarno Miami City Cemetery Miami City Cemetery Miami City Cemetery Miami City Cemetery Miami City Cemetery Maryborough Queensland. Brennan and Geraghty's general store. Opened in 1871 and closed in 1972. A place frozen in time with goods and stock from the 19th century. Now a National Trust museum. Eyes Towards Heaven Túmulo da Marquesa de Santos, Consolation Cemetery, São Paulo, Brazil. Sunset from São Paulo Cemetery, Bairro Pinheiros, Brazil. The tomb of Monthemhat, West Bank, Luxor, Egypt. Berlin - Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof Sala Consilina, Tomb IV: five silver rings Radiant torre mirador
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