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_DSC7184 High Up Duck 20190825-P1170307 Rewards IMG_20190823_222012_666 IMG_20190822_091828_566 Point Pelee: For Your Safety IMG_20190813_215656_948 Star Just Write Love (210/365) IMG_20190820_183431_128 IMG_20190820_181900 IMG_20190820_064832_385 IMG_20190819_131956_147 IMG_20190817_182151 Panorama of Point Pelee's Tip Point View Tip of the Point, Canada's Most Southern Another View Tip of the Point, Canada's Most Southern Tip of the Point: Looking North ATTENTION: migrating birds on tip of the point IMG_20190811_103743_942 IMG_20190811_103826_896 IMG_20190811_103648 IMG_20190809_211905_813 IMG_20190808_161757_620 IMG_20190804_212726_970 IMG_20190803_171649_351 IMG_20190731_084544_538 IMG_20190730_204327_958 IMG_20190726_182418_716
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