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At the Public Library Harvest scenes Euphorbia alley Euphorbia silhouette Taking the morning sun Fish vendor Scripture in #Tigrinya (Eritrea) Took a turn away from the railtrack and met this old man by the ravine reading the book of Psalms (?) in Tigrinya. We chatted a little- he speaks some Arabic- and shortly I left him in peace. Eritrean colour The shoes are new, the shop is not Street injera Composition in textiles and green Abstract composition: structure and Red Sea I've gone gray waiting Shiro - the spicy Eritrean chickpea dish Proud of his job Look Carsten pretending to be a train car My uniform is designed to match the location Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's an Art Deco gas station Eritrean elder Keren colourful shoppers At Debre Mikael Selam church Three canes Livestock market With these parts and a bit of glue I can build a space shuttle I tell you I am the true Spider-Man. My feet stick to walls. Just give me a minute to concentrate Selling straw in the market The other way or I hit you again Eritrean lizard
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