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Smith & Wesson 639 9mm Pistol

Smith & Wesson 639 9mm Pistol

One of my handguns which I used for sports shooting, a Smith & Wesson 639 9x19mm Para pistol.

I have been into sports shooting ever since 1998. I started out with rifles and I was actually pretty good at it too. In time though, I lost interest and I have found a new hobby: photography.

I shot this picture with two YN460 flashguns at max power, mounted on light stands with shoot-through 43" umbrellas. I used a tripod, a cable release and enabled the mirror lockup on my camera. ISO 100, Daylight whitebalance, f/22 and 1/125 shutter speed at 22mm focal length.
Here is a photo of the setup.

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Photo taken @ Ermelo on 4 December 2013 (© dvanzuijlekom / Flickr)

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