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Entrance to the sub-basement

Entrance to the sub-basement

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Some time ago, Hack42 was approached by Data Net Drienerlo of the University of Twente, Enschede. They offered us a treasure trove of ancient computer systems, dating back from the seventies through to the nineties; VAX/MicroVAX, PDP series and Commodore machines, expansion cards, spare parts, software, manuals and even stuff that none of the Hack42 Museum (Computermuseum Arnhem) crew had ever seen.
This was a golden opportunity for the Museum to acquire new exhibits and important assets in maintaining and servicing the ancient computer systems. There was one catch; everything was stored inside a basement and sub-basements underneath Calslaan 3 (on the campus). All of the rooms had to be cleared and nothing was to be left behind. Fair enough.

We made a plan, we contacted the Kalker recycling company (to offload anything we didn't want or need). We went out and bought a few roller tracks/conveyors, we rallied the troops, rented a truck and in our usual military ops-style, we got the job done.

Be sure to check out the other photos and time-lapse videos of the entire "Operatie Exodus".

Many thanks go out to the awesome people of DND and everyone who came to help. Come visit the museum sometime, but do wait a bit for us to get everything unpacked and sorted first :D

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Photo taken @ Enschede on 9 August 2014 (© dvanzuijlekom / Flickr)

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