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Jim Henson exhibits a new puppet design (a Skesis for what would become Dark Crystal), with colleagues Wendy Midener and Frank Oz, to Irvin Kershner, Freeborn, Watts, and Norma Reynolds Han as prisoner on Cloud City, by Ralph McQuarrie Inside the wardrobe department for The Empire Strikes Back Anthony Daniels, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the Millennium Falcon Harrison Ford and Irvin Kershner in the Milliennium Falcon Des Webb in the wampa costume Carrie Fisher resting on a snowmobile Harrison Ford is filmed on the mechanical tauntaun in a storm on March 7, 1979 Harrison Ford being filmed on a tauntaun Concept art of Boba Fett's ship by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, early 1979 A revised version of Fett’s ship by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, December 14, 1978 Concept art of Boba Fett by Joe Johnston, March 1979 Maquette of the Hoth Rebel Base's hangar Building X-Wings and Snowspeeders for The Empire Strikes Back Jim Henson with the Yoda puppet Frank Bruton with the finished full-sized tauntaun Kashyyyk Imperial Walker head concept by Joe Johnston (no. 350, early 1979) Walker head concept by Joe Johnston (no. 312, November 19, 1978) Snowspeeder battle storyboard by Ivor Beddoes Concept sketches by costume designer John Mollo, “Princess Leia snow outfit,” October 1978 Hoth battlefield storyboard by Ivor Beddoes “Alternative Yoda’s House” (no. 16) by Norman Reynolds, August–September 1978 “Int. Corridor, Outside Control Center” (no. 12) by Norman Reynolds, September 1978 Boba Fett A visual experiment with a model snowspeeder placed on a background photo plate for The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Fans got their first glimpse of Boba Fett on Sunday, September 24, 1978, at the annual San Anselmo Country Fair Parade in San Anselmo. (The man inside the Vader costume would need a saline solution after collapsing in 94-degree heat) Detailed preparatory pencil sketch for “Sword Fight on Antenna,” by Ralph McQuarrie Preparatory color study for “Dawn Greeting,” by McQuarrie
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