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Concrete Cloth (2)

Concrete Cloth (2)

Soldiers from 22 Engineer Regt (foreground) and 3 REG RSME (Royal School of Military Engineering) lay a covering of concrete cloth at Exercise Fobex.

The "cloth" is flexible and can be cut with a knife. It is positioned like carpet and then sprayed with water which then enables it to set to provide a tough, durable concrete surface. It can be used to line itches in a bid to prevent ied attacks from insurgents.

Forward Operating Base Exercise (FOBEX) which is held at Caerwent Training Area. The exercise aims to identify potential enhancements to the Tactical Base capability.
Photographer: Andrew Linnett
Image 45152379.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk

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Photo taken on 24 February 2011 (© Think Defence / Flickr)

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