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Lamb shashliks AUD26 - close - Danny's @ 525, Elsternwick Lamb shashliks AUD26 - Danny's @ 525, Elsternwick Chicken Kabob Sami's Restaurant August 30, 20101 66/365 - an ethiopian feast Tabouli Five in a Row Food Moroccan chicken with raisins, couscous, vegetables, pine nuts, lemon wedges, fresh parsley and a side of tabouli. YES. Mediterranean feast! Quinoa Tabbouleh (Tabouli) Salad 20130103 - Lamb Platter Lamb, chicken plate AUD10.90, chips +AUD1 - Hummus Bros LCI 140 LCI 140 tabouli salad Quail2 Lentil-Sorrel Tabouli(ish) Lule kabob, Moishe's, Farmers Market, Los Angeles IMG_3931 IMG_3930 IMG_3929 IMG_3928 IMG_3927 Ali Baba's Mediterranean Lunch from the vegan bar Tabouleh / تبولة‎ Aladdin's Grill & Deli Aladdin's Grill & Deli Aladdin's Grill & Deli IMG_6578_1600x1067 IMG_6576_1600x1067
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