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Wood violet Viola odorata (Sweet Violet) Viola odorata (Sweet Violet) n9_w1150 Sketches of wood anemone and sweet violet by Julie de Graag (1877-1924). Original from the Rijks Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Sweet Violet (Viola odorata) Sweet Violet Wine-red Viola odorata. Caswell. Salt scorched leaves. 5th April 1984 White Viola odorata (sweet violet). Woodchester, Nympshield. 3.4.65 Viola odorata. Durval Wood Dunraven. March 1983. Sweet Violet Dark viola odorata. East Aberthaw quarry 1978 Viola odorata near East Aberthaw quarry, 30/03/78 Viola odorata near Aberthaw quarry, 30/03/78 Sweet Violet [Viola odorata] Viola odorata violette e cielo blu Maarts Viooltje Primrose and violets violet1 Sweet Violet Sweet Violet April 2010 Sweet Violet Sweet Violet Sweet Violet Călţunaş / Viola odorata April 2010 Sweet Violet, Das Duftveilchen, Viola odorata Sweet violet
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