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BBC TV film Swansea protest against Johnson's illegal Parliament shutdown Young and old protest against Johnson's illegal Parliament shutdown Swansea doctor says Brexit will put his patients at risk Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart warns of Brexit risks for people of the city Save our future - and our parliamentary democracy More in common than apart - Swansea protest against illegal shutdown of Parliament Protest at shutdown of Parliament, Swansea Guildhall Protests at Swansea - illegal Parliament shutdown Closed Swansea Mall (Swansea, Massachusetts) Closed Swansea Mall (Swansea, Massachusetts) Lighthouse Tower sculpture Boris Johnson impersonator - People's Vote march Theresa May effigy Crowds at People's Vote march People's Vote march, London - no-one under 21 has had a vote on Brexit DSCN0583 SWANSEA - WEOBLEY CASTLE -BorderMaker DSCN0584  SWANSEA - WEOBLEY CASTLE-BorderMaker DSCN0585 SWANSEA - WEOBLEY CASTLE -BorderMaker DSCN0586 SWANSEA - WEOBLEY CASTLE -BorderMaker DSCN0591 SWANSEA - WEOBLEY CASTLE -BorderMaker People's Vote marchers Marchers in Piccadilly, central London Protesters on bikes Anti-Brexit protesters on bikes, London Marchers gather Bo***cks to Brexit 2 Bo***cks to Brexit Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Floating Death 4 Floating Death 3
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