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No fish, no smile ! >:( Too shy to say, but I hope you stay! ;) Les yeux dans les yeux In the background, the banking district, in the foreground, a Tax Officer Wie bitte ??? I beg your pardon? Pigeon biset (Rock dove) Hibiscus d'or Sunflower Sunflower Doubled Physalis Macchina Non Grata Say Aaaah !!! Sommet sur le climat, le jet d'eau s'habille de vert Hausmattbrücke Tourist train The Flame In the moo-d Urban ridge Fountain 2 Fountain 1 Fred Knie best friend Fontaine monumentale et jaillissante du jardin anglais Geography of Desire, Marc Quinn,  2011 – Grob Gallery, Genf/Schweiz Green shamrock chrysanthemum and Gomphocarpus fruticosus ARCFOX-GT Pininfarina H2 Speed - Full Power H2 LOGO KNIE dans l'oeil d'un poney Les Conventions de Genève fêtent leurs 70 ans
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