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Surf Blondes Surfers Paradise Gabriel Medina (BRA) Adriano de Souza (BRA) Mikey Wright (AUS) SurfPhotography_©CHDE-4466 SurfPhotography_©CHDE-2540 SurfPhotography_©CHDE-2552 The Cowrie Hole Surfing at the Cowrie Hole IMG_0310 Surf Explosion IMG_0345 Lovers on a rock Patrick Gudauskas (AUS) Julian Wilson (AUS) Julian Wilson (AUS) Gabriel Medina (BRA) Gabriel Medina (BRA) Joel Parkinson (AUS) SurfPhotography_©CHDE-3402 Lakey Peterson (USA) Carissa Moore (HAW) Jesse Mendes (BRA) Jesse Mendes (BRA) Jesse Mendes (BRA) Michel Bourrez (FP) SurfPhotography_©CHDE-2758 SurfPhotography_©CHDE-2829 SurfPhotography_©CHDE-2869
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