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Swan lake in Autumn mood

Swan lake in Autumn mood

In Winter 2016 I took a picture from exactly the same position. The shot named „Swan lake in Winter mood“ was awarded one of the top four pictures made in Germany in 2016. Now, two years later nature has changed, the swans are still there and have even raised two young ones this season.

Saturday I was a little bit lazy and went to the Werre Meadow. Located only a few hundred meters behind my house the area is very popular for walking dogs, hiking and canoeing.

The Werre is a tiny little river and flows into the Weser near Bad Oeynhausen in Northwest Germany, the Werre Meadow is an area with open fields, small forests and paths. The perfect hike is a bridge-to bridge turnaround near Löhne allowing to experience nature on both river banks.

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Photo taken @ Obernbeck on 20 October 2018 (© blavandmaster / Flickr)

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