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Hald Hovedgård (Hald Manor) was built in 1787 for High Court Judge Frederich Schinkel (1719-94)

Small meadow with footpath leading east to Gammel Hald (Old Hald) from Hald Manor.

Located near Hald Ege, not far from Viborg (DK)

The big building was originally just a gatehouse for the much larger manor Daas Herregård (Daas Manor), known today as Daas Hald located directly behind it, Built in 1703 by general Gregers Daa (1658-1712). Daas Hald (also known as "den fjerde Hald" (the fourth Hald) was completely demolished in the early 1800s.

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Photo taken @ B on 19 June 2019 (© Lav Ulv / Flickr)

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