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Gal phulle (Nepali: गल फुल्ले)

Gal phulle (Nepali: गल फुल्ले)

Asteraceae (aster, daisy, or sunflower family) » Cyathocline purpurea (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) Kuntze

¿ sigh-uh-tho-KLY-nee ? -- Greek: kyathodes (cup-like), clinos (to slope or bend) ... Dave's Botanary
pur-PUR-ee-uh -- purple ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: purple bane • Assamese: গল ফুলে gal phule • Gujarati: ઓખરાડ okharad, ગંગોત્રી gangotri • Hindi: बनधनिया bandhaniya • Marathi: गंगोत्रा gangotra • Nepali: गल फुल्ले gal phulle

Native to: India, s China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indochina

References: Flowers of India • Flora of China

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Photo taken on 30 November 2019 (© Dinesh Valke / Flickr)

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