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The Yellow Dot Dorpsgezichten, Toldijk, Netherlands - 1488 Color Jellyfish (Blue Jellyfish) of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : カラージェリーフィッシュ(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) Hill to Hill or Eye to Eye Un Eden floral... - A floral eden... Luna lionfish (Pterois lunulata) of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : ミノカサゴ(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) Clownfish of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : カクレクマノミ(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) One hundred Acres Happy Hedgehog and Girl Pallas's Cat (Otocolobus manul) of Ueno Zoo, Tokyo : マヌルネコ(上野動物園) Little green house Crystal Mill, Early Morning Light A House in Tuscany Western Gorilla Family of Ueno Zoo : ニシゴリラ(上野動物園) Kibbelkoele, Kibbelveen, Drenthe, Netherlands - 1175 Eastern lesser bamboo lemur (Hapalemur griseus) of Ueno Zoo, Tokyo : ハイイロジェントルキツネザル(上野動物園) On the Bike Lane - Midtown, New York City Two little daisies... Longham Lakes - June Reflections Fence Flowers Waterwheel, walls and windmill Needle by the church - New York City Eye in the Sky Banana Tree bench Surrealistic Nab End Light Summer patchwork Simplicity Camping Fun On the block - Chelsea, New York City
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 blue, sun, beach, nature, water, green, flower, sky, sea, tree
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