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Malnutrition in Darfur

Malnutrition in Darfur

25 September 2013. Abu Shouk: A woman with her malnourished child in a clinic of the NGO Kuwait Patient Helping Fund in Abu Shouk camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), North Darfur.
The NGO provides medical care and a mixture of corn, soy, wheat, sugar and oil, distributed by the World Food Program (WFP) to be part of a program called Integrated Blanket Supplementary Feeding. Every child under 3 years old and those with moderate malnutrition up to 6 years old can access to the distribution of this feeding (1,7 kg and 3,4 kg for 15 days, respectively). Pregnant and lactating women can also receive the mixture for several months.
The local NGO has 3 centers of distribution in Abu Shouk and two more in Al Salam camp.
Photo by Albert González Farran, UNAMID

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Photo taken @ Al Fashir on 25 September 2013 (© UNAMID Photo / Flickr)

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