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The Sufi at Hamed al-Nil tomb: Friday service Musawwarat Es Sufra - the Lion temple Herdsmen of the Bayuda - three youths In the Bayuda desert Ice factory stories - VII. packed In the Wadi Haifa ice factory Kitchener's railroad Compositions in blue and green Al Bir - a shade of green Sudan Indepandance 2015 Sudanese graffiti World AIDS Day Pharaoh Taharqa has fallen Kerma composition - angles and rectangles A sign of Kerma Thirsty? Shopping stop The Qubba mudbrick beehive tombs Yemen bomb UNAMID Patrol Zam Zam UNAMID Peacekeepers Patrol Zam Zam USG Lopes Visits El Fasher Meroe Royal Cemetery - northern group, topless Kitchener's railroad let My people go! UNAMID provides Peace promotional Items to Disabled People in El Fasher. cheetah International Day of Person Disabilities World AIDS Day The Qubba mudbrick beehive tombs
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