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Sea Sky Delineation 1955 Ford Thunderbird tail light Sunset Cliffs: Long Exposure 1959 Cadillac Chrome and Front End Detail Christmas tree reflected in the mirror The table set for Christmas Dinner Cliffs at Ocean Beach Ocean Beach Pier: Long Exposure Rocks, Waves and Pier Dead End 1959 Cadillac Tail Light Water over Rocks 1956 Ford Thunderbird Sunset Cliffs Shoreline Late Fall Day at the Cliffs The Cliffs of Insanity The cloisters The spire from the cloisters The Cathedral from the close This year's theme is Flower Fairies Reflection in the Canal Tree Fungus Jesus First chicken Crane Fly Spider on web Founding Solenopsis Fugax queen Red Flower Messor Barbarus Worker IMGP3039-Edit.jpg
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