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The blue wonder from Dresden Skewed than the Tower of Pisa! The Barbarossa Monument The Castle Spiral of Meißen Freibecken A hidden piece of jewellery Beats are in the air Berlin Allesandersplatz Underground symmetry since 1930th A dream came true The reconstructed St. Nikolai church  in Potsdam IMG_4237 A colourful morning over Berlin color and texture - close-up rock P1230621 Design Architecture meets Dresden - Centrum Galerie Under the dome of Pillnitz Castle A Suburban Train Station - Escape from the white hell? An fairy-tale view of the Moritzburg castle An Pano view of the Moritzburg castle A Suburban Train Station - A deep look A Suburban Train Station - Looking into freedom The Dresden Frauenkirche The ceiling painting of the Nikolai Church at Leipzig The Suburban Train Station Markt - From the bottom up The Suburban Train Station Markt - From the top down Under the dome of the Battle of Nations Monument The Battle of Nations Monument
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