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Skrall Heavy

Skrall Heavy

The Skrall heavy unit, otherwise known as a 'heavy' by the Nuva military, is berserker unit within the Skrall military. A brute of a soldier, the heavy is widely feared on the battlefield for it's incredible strength and lack of mercy. At times, the heavy becomes so consumed with rage within the battle that it loses all regard for fellow soldiers and attempts to destroy everything within it's reach including other units within the Skrall military. The heavy is exactly what it's name indicates...heavy. It is the strongest and most heavily armored unit within the Skrall military. Due to it's armor, it is impenetrable by archers other than a lucky shot to its neck. A single heavy is known to be able take on 3 to 5 regular Nuva infantry at the same time. Needless to say, to defeat a heavy on one's own is a rare feat worthy of the status of Toa.

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Photo prise le 8 septembre 2018 (© Toa Slim 2014 / Flickr)

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