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When one cannot go back, one should only be concerned with the best way to move forward. By Paulo Coelho Two No one crosses your path by chance and you don't enter someone's life for no reason. Every meeting we have has its reason to be In my street There is no fashion if it doesn't hit the streets. From Coco Chanel The red umbrella Friendship is an umbrella that fails to turn around when the weather is bad White Orange Close up A world upside down Red Bourgogne Bourgogne Mener en bateau Another journey by train Green To see the world at the place it must be observed in reverse. The wait in the rain No external grace is complete if the inner beauty does not vivify it. The beauty of the soul is spreading like a mysterious light on the beauty of the body. Life is like a rainbow:  it must rain and rain to see the colors Blue SMS or Call? The Gentleman and his faithful friend prendre ce train et d'aller vers le passé Bourgogne Bourgogne Bourgogne Bourgogne R0001254 Yellow Red and Blue
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