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Two Blue Doors, Westminster, London sunset on a string desert sessions Girl going home at night - London, England - Black and white street photography The girl from the tavern spiral staircase Iseo - Antico Caffè Centrale At Landlords Balcony TV Johannesburg Mona Lisa by Marco Trovò - Permanent exhibition in Vigevano The Stadthuys of Malacca Maronite Church Mulbarton, Johannesburg An alien in Vigevano Long-tailed Blue on Small Flower : 吸蜜中のウラナミシジミ White Hurricane Lily : 白い彼岸花 Intriguing Walk with me Stables of the Vigevano Castle Dublin tunnel Red carnations on yellow house under blue sky Charlie's Angels in Iseo Aunt Dely Alley Now Let Me See Dufresne et place Dufresne Bollywood Genius at the mirror The streets of Goslar (explored) The Family And The Minaret Place Larivière 5
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 city, night, people, urban, light, bw, road, car, graffiti, cars
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