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Trains, buildings and one car Tongli  Water Town, Suzhou, China Juny19 VSA004. DSC_5073L N'oublions pas..... Scooter Art Berlín_0749 La rue n'était pas déserte Adieu tristesses..... Juny19 VSA001. Are You Still Living There on Your Estate of Sorrow _DSC9363L Adieu béton....? The corner At the ocean Ninety Two White Post Lane Version couleur On nous regarde...... A bicyclette...avec Paulette.... Red Faced Tristesse urbaine.... Forty Three White Post Lane CAP ATTACK # 2 It's In The Eyes _DSC8985L Novembre BSA023. Edit -1-11 Tokyo A.I _DSC9127AL
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 graffiti, stencil, art, street, wall, paint, sticker, urban, london, mural
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