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Urban Racers 024 U-Turn I. This a little series shot at a staircase up from a subway station. I can’t decide which on I like most. So you get them all. 😊 Whatever Fruits An increase in the speed of air occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure. (Bernoulli's principle) yellows Way down Lined outlook Cloudhead On the foil Urban Racers 089 squared The container Buddhist Praying Inside Bagan Temple, Myanmar Sunset at Bagan, Myanmar Sun Setting Behind Bagan Temples, Myanmar Golden Hour at Temple, Bagan Myanmar Glowing Buddha Statue, Bagan Myanamr Field of Red Chilis, Myanmar Farmer on Wagon on Road, Myanmar Burmese Woman With Basket on Head, Myanmar Burmese Farmer Woman with Basket on Head, Myanmar Freshly Threshed Rice, Myanmar RIce Threshing Machine, Myanmar Justice Palace Hoodie man wet stone Shy smile
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