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Portrait of Neneris

Portrait of Neneris

Nineteen-year-old Neneris lives in Chitungwiza, a suburb of Harare where the Women Advocacy Project (WAP) works. She left school last year because her family could not afford her fees. They still owe the school $150.

“I was in Form 4, I would like to go back to school,” Neneris told WAP. Her favorite subjects were commerce and math and she had hoped to one-day become a bank teller. “It would have been a good job,” she said wistfully. Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is currently over 80% and like many of the women WAP works with, Neneris is not working. She now spends her time learning to plait hair.

Photo by Alex Kotowski, 2018 Peace Fellow, The Advocacy Project
June 19, 2018 – Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Names have been changed

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Photo taken on 19 June 2018 (© The Advocacy Project / Flickr)

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