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cold water, umbrellas, and lottery tickets

Lord & Taylor (New York, New York)

Bargains Galore

Tim Hortons

Sabor Tropical Just Bought A Bunch Of Orchard Supply Carts

FORMME. Lilith Sunglasses

The Good Guys parking lot

Stop For A Taste Of Yesterday

Robert Humm & Co.: Transport Booksellers specialist

Toys "R" Us (West Hartford, Connecticut)

Aurora Ontario - Canada - Whimster's Store - 1889 - Historic Building

Coles supermarket

Target (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut)

Former Macy's (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut)

Former Macy's (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut)

Target (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut)

JCPenney (Crystal Mall, Waterford, Connecticut)

Sears (Crystal Mall, Waterford, Connecticut)

Paris Ontario - Canada- Paris Ontario - Canada - Grand River - Back of Commercial Building

Bread & Cake - Hot Bake House

Healesville shops (photo 2)

Healesville shops (photo 1)

Le Fantôme du Balcon

Jamestown North Dakota - White Building - Former J C Penney Department Store

Stop and Shop (Waterford, Connecticut)

Closed Rite Aid (Waterford, Connecticut)


Abandoned Benny's (Waterford, Connecticut)

Closed Toys "Я" Us (Waterford, Connecticut)

Newberry's Store

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