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Kmart (New York, New York) Kmart (New York, New York) Macy's (New York, New York) Macy's (New York, New York) cold water, umbrellas, and lottery tickets Fruit-Shake Lord & Taylor (New York, New York) Lord & Taylor (New York, New York) Cardboard Housing Bargains Galore Century 21 (New York, New York) Tim Hortons Fresh-cut flowers, dying Street scene of an English town Sabor Tropical Just Bought A Bunch Of Orchard Supply Carts Stop For A Taste Of Yesterday Aldi Robert Humm & Co.: Transport Booksellers specialist Toys Heirloom tomatoes at Wholefoods Verschiedene Porzelan-Waren, Teller, Tassen und Schüsseln an einem Verkaufsstand am Kasturi Walk in Kuala Lumpur Aurora Ontario - Canada - Whimster's Store - 1889 - Historic Building Target (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut) Party City (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut) Target (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut) Former Macy's (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut) Almere: Pull & Bear Store Sears (Crystal Mall, Waterford, Connecticut) Coles supermarket
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