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☠ TRAINING! Weis Markets - Fredericksburg, VA (Tidewater Trl) Former Macy's (Enfield Square, Enfield, Connecticut) This wagon needs repair Kmart (Milford, Connecticut) Vacant Storefront (Holyoke Mall) Migros Sales Vehicles 1925-2007 Kroger - Norfolk, VA Shop: AUR Food Express - Bottlemart - Professional Insurance Brokers -  Tree Drink Coffee and destroy... Poster Chicago, 2015 Thanks for Viewing this Kmart FIRE STATION CVS Pharmacy Morning Coffee Stop and Shop (Waterbury, Connecticut) JCPenney (Holyoke Mall) Where's Cloudy? McDonald's Nina Hagen Poster Welcome to Italy Family working in a grocery store Lakeshore Mall Hallway- Manitowoc, WI Mesilla, New Mexico Annex At the store Relics Springfield, 2015 Pharmacy Sign Like No Other (at Walmart) Triangular Sign
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