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Foliage everywhere:  Barcelona #7110 Bay of fires riverside Baboon yawning doomsday is near 20181201 Shirotori 9 Puma cub yawning, last one every direction in view Gießenbachklamm in Winter near Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany Roman Bridge, Merida Helena Montana ~ Diamond Block 1888 ~ Historic Building «If you don't stop to take pictures, I will punch you!» 👊 Licking paw and looking at me A couple of balconies, Barcelona Last picture of the cubs fighting night fall unreal blues Fort Denison at Dawn Weathered sandstone ice cold I'll see you next year Ironwork in a Modernista doorway, Barcelona Puma cub lying quite flat Puma cub posing well endless night 3KA09169a_C Is anybody home? Be Water (365/365) 1911 (364/365) Entrada (361/365)
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