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Helena Montana ~ Diamond Block 1888 ~ Historic Building «If you don't stop to take pictures, I will punch you!» 👊 Licking paw and looking at me A couple of balconies, Barcelona Last picture of the cubs fighting night fall So cutely looking at me unreal blues Fort Denison at Dawn Cub seriously posing! Sandstone Bluffs Is anybody home? ice cold I'll see you next year Ironwork in a Modernista doorway, Barcelona Puma cub lying quite flat Puma cub posing well endless night 1911 (364/365) Comfortable stone? Puma cub starting to yawn 3KA09169a_C blocks and hills botanical garden Puma cub looking a bit afraid Rocky Ground Roman Bridge, Merida Weathered sandstone Be Water (365/365) Entrada (361/365)
Mots clés associés à stone:
 rock, water, sky, green, nature, architecture, landscape, wall, old, sea
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