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Photos Stm's gonna be a lovely day.. model of STM ..metropolis' cherry blossoms.. ..promise to a very beautiful day.. ..golden tower.. Morning ..rise and shine, sweety.. ..modern dusk.. ..searchlights.. ..shiny.. ..the City Hall.. ..colorful night.. IMG_4072_Resize IMG_4073_Resize IMG_4089_Resize Montreal Metro IMG_3984_Resize IMG_3981_Resize IMG_3990_Resize IMG_4035_Resize IMG_4055_Resize IMG_4065_Resize IMG_4081_Resize IMG_4093_Resize IMG_4103_Resize IMG_4124_Resize IMG_4133_Resize IMG_4134_Resize IMG_4145_Resize IMG_4158_Resize
Mots clés associés à stm:
 graffiti, montreal, metro, subway, tokyo, qp, canada, quebec, oakland, bus
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