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Allegory 2 Schilfkind After the rain Chimborazo Laguna Condor Cocha #166/365 Late Afternoon Light about 18 months ago - fire site; newly rebuilt panorama, rice paddies covered by housing stock panorama sea farming in the near shore of Kushimoto around 700 C.E. the island's capital city until 794, Heijo-kyo damp morning, Mt. Hino shrine looking to the west permanent exhibition, many immigrants the 57th Grand Rapids pow-wow Icefalls Karuru Falls Red House Pan Caldera of Mt. Longonot panorama atop Mt. Okamoto, 2018 Nov. 1 panorama of bullet train (shinkansen) station 2018 Nov. 2 sister city (Japan: Turkey) panorama 2018 Oct. 27 Kushimoto Nara's many monumental graves, panorama 2018 Oct. 29 panorama-bonsai exhibition 2018 Imadate on 2 Nov. panorama at Higashi Hongan-ji, True Pure Land Sect large torii of wood at the Okafuto Jingu in Awatabe the southeast gate to Higashi Hongan-ji overview of dance circle at the 57th annual pow-wow cars, trucks, and RVs gather around the dance circle boat tour sailing and racing from highest altitude marina
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