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The Color of Dispair Pertinax – maybe … Having faith Pour Antoninus, known as Pius … Hadrian just had a thought … Éclair de génie/Flash of genius/Blixt av glans Father and Son … Duck Girl in Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia) Mythical Buddhist Being Hartford Connecticut ~ Flag Pole Statue ~ Connecticut Old State House The Union League of Philadelphia achil99c Giacometti figure at SFMOMA Tear George Washington Statue (Philadelphia, Masonic Temple) General John Fulton Reynolds Statue (Philadelphia, City Hall) IMG_7202 - The Hameau de la Reine One of Caracalla’s distinguished contemporaries … Caracalla would like a word … Délos_5765 De Zeenymph Triumph Lapu Lapu - First Hero of the Philippines Délos_5740 Trocadero Wooden giraffe Gerettet von Adolf Brütt Lion Crushing a Serpent in Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia) big boy hand
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