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Layers Snow Canyon_28 Airplane Hill Trail - Scenic Overlook Deck, Fort Ridgely State Park, Minnesota Highland Lake Shallows In The Gorge Humboldt Redwoods State Park Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Elk at Sunday Brunch Stare of the American toad Heron at 40 Acre Lake American Basketflower Lake Trail (2) Lake Trail Sunbeams Understory Fallen Spider Mossy “But equal space and equal security should not be considered rewards for virtue; they are rights in and of themselves, unrealized in innumerable ways as yet.” —Rebecca Solnit Cascade River State Park Silver Falls State Park Arts And Ends Lupine Notch Panorama Elite Mound Quarry Pond Eno River State Park NC 2011-10-08_12-01-14_392 light in the woods IMG_5828 Road Out of Chain O' Lakes
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