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Across the city with the ↺ S42 Golden Aluminum The 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift I love music! Because we love you Through the city at the speed of light The toothpick of the city As John F. Kennedy said in 1963, I’m a Berliner! I felt giddy The spring is kissing Berlin! It’s Almond Blossom time After the night shift Berlin's most horrible underpass! Deep down below The sixth sense The „S“ class I found a snail staircase Shit, I missed the tram! The Berlin Cathedral at the spring The Bode-Museum in Berlin An Crazy, the spring is already kissing us in Berlin Mona Lisa meets Berlin Mona Lisa behind the Berlin Wall Into the cathedral The spearhead into the Berlin morning sky Good morning Berlin This is how you secure broken houses in Berlin. Wasserschloss - Hamburg #2 Canal Art
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