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Street Tree - St Loys Road, Tottenham Heavy rain - High Road, Tottenham N17 Satellite dishes and broken supermarket trolley dumped in alley St Loy's Road Moorefield Road N17. Regular rubbish dumping spot. Saturday Night Dumping Moorefield Road N17 - dumped rubbish. Wood dumped in the alley Royal Class Corrugated Iron Reflection - St Loy's Road Forgive? Moorefield Road - Dumping starter bags Moorefield Road, Tottenham N17  #1 Moorefield Road, Tottenham N17 # 2 Dumping Hotspot Cleared Every day I look at the world from my window Dumping in Moorefield Road, Tottenham N17 Raspberry Ripple? New Year's Eve, Moorefield Road # 1 Moorefield Road Dumping # 1 It's in the Bag Moorefield Road, Tottenham was almost clear of dumped rubbish. Incomplete patch; no fix. Water Pooling - St Loys Road Tottenham In the Purple Left in the Alleyway - St Loy's Road Dumping in the Alley, St Loys Road N17 # 1 Barely Coping Sky Blue Binning High Road, Tottenham N17 - looking north from near St Loy's Road Rubbish in Moorefield Road N17
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