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USS Halibut deck structure limber holes blocks 1 2 3

USS Halibut deck structure limber holes blocks 1 2 3

I choose the number the limber holes from the bow, which is to the right in this picture, so, right to left, we have block 1, 8 holes, block 2, 2 holes, block 3, 13 holes. Besides the three, distinct, sets, with a gap between each, the most important thing here is the folded forward diving plane right at the foremost hole in block 1, and the relationship between block 3 and the leading edge of the missile hanger blister.

Remember that the yellow line dividing the deck from the side plating is *not* on a corner. There's a radius the the yellow line is at the top of the straight part of the side plating, the point where the radius STARTS. So the deck is ABOVE the yellow line. If you extend the yellow outlines around block 2 and the first two holes of block 3, they all reach the actual deck level AHEAD of the hanger blister. See the scrap profile view- the rear edge of the second hole from the front of block 3 lines up with the front edge of the blister.

You can also see, in that scrap profile, that the block 1 and block 2 holes are smaller than the block 3 holes. Block 2 are clearly *narrowest*, block 1 may be an a bit wider, but shorter, and possibly a different spacing from block 3. The top of all holes in all three blocks are level at the same height above the waterline.

Cropped from the forward end of, image 0858707, to better understand the shapes of the first three blocks of limber holes on USS Halibut.

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Photo prise le 23 avril 2015 (© wbaiv / Flickr)

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