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Sanjeevirayar Swamy Temple

Sanjeevirayar Swamy Temple

Sri Sanjeevi Rayar Temple, Ayyangar Kulam, South India

Kanchipuram is considered as a sacrosanct since it is often visited by Srivaishnavas as it is home to as many as fourteen Divya Desams and other smaller temples associated with the lives of preceptors (Acharyas) like Tirukkacchi Nambi and Kurattazhvan. However, the small temples in Kanchipuram are rarely visited. But some of great historic and religious importance, situated in the suburban region of Kanchipuram. One among such neglected temples is the large and very beautiful Sanjeevi Rayar temple, dedicated to Hanuman. The beautiful shrine dedicated to Hanuman is located in an ancient small village named Ayyangar Kulam. This consecrated site is situated about ten kilometers from the heart of Kanchipuram on the Kanchi-Wandawasi route. The temple is located in a peaceful albeit lonely corner of Ayyangar Kulam village, far from the noise and bustle of the city of Kanchi.

The temple is a legendary one and its antiquity is revealed from the legendary stories associated with it. According to the Sthala-Purana (temple-legend) of the Sanjeevi Rayar temple, this sanctified spot is associated with an episode from the famous epic, Ramayana, which has also added a majestic grandeur to it. As the legends depict, when Hanuman (Anjaneya) was flying from the Himalayas to Lanka bearing the Sanjeevi hill to revive Lakshmana during the battle between Rama and Ravana, a piece of the Sanjeevi mount fell at this place. Following this legendary story, this place is considered sanctified. The people of Ayyangar Kulam strongly believe this legendary story and even today aver that no one here dies of any kind of poisoning, snake-bite, etc. Moreover there is a common belief that those who breathe in the air close to the large tank here are cured of all kinds of disease on account of the curative powers of the Sanjeevi hill, which is considered religious even.

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Photo prise le 23 mai 2009 (© Jagadeesh SJ / Flickr)

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