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Proud Human, how come we can't see the wind? Losing tufts Grey Squirrel and daffodils _V0C6849.jpg AGS Baby South African Ground Squirrel (Xerus inauris) female Squirrel  P1220661 Hey, it's dark in here and absolutely no chips, damn! Eastern gray squirrel Swift Exit Oh A Tough Guy, Eh? Hoary Marmot ~ Mt. Rainier National Park Squirrel Acrobatics Paws For Thought Mmmm the good stuff Attendant le printemps -- Waiting for spring Give Up The Peanuts And Nobody Gets Hurt!! Marty the Marmot Red squirrel Red squirrel He's back... Explored! A Squirrel's Front Door Uuuh, what's in this hole? greedy squirrel greedy squirrel Warning: may contain nuts Sage comme une image -- Good as gold excited!!
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