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By a tree Winter Squirrel Human, feed me before I fade away! ;) Nutty squirrel That Morning Stretch-HBW! A time to think IMG_1735 Squirrel pumpkin feast Verschiedene Sorten Kaffee auf dem  Ben Thanh Markt in Saigon More than he can chew... Red squirrel on the jump What You Lookin' At-HMBT PA290094- 2018 Red squirrel Red squirrel Red Squirrel foraging for nuts curious squirrel Red squirrel Eichhörnchen - Squirrel Red squirrel Squidge - RSPB Sandy Red squirrel Human, do I look like a fecking cat? Edson, Alberta Red squirrel Grazing Munching Whack A Squirrel (p)
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