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the wooden spoon, scott richard

the wooden spoon, scott richard

so this is a great spot. it's a tricky space but i think we've finally got a business model that will not just survive the floor plan's oddities, but turn it into something special.

for a second i thought maybe i shouldn't say anything about this place since it will probably be unreachable in three months.

but then i thought, nah, it's too good and the reality is that the gayborhood is being transitioned over into a historical thing anyway. the descending IT play land models of luxury breakfast joints and pinball super-size arcades are already in full swing and they are great spaces so the "field of dreams" mantra is slowly taking hold.

and for the record, we should all just hope that the finesse and genius of these new arrivals to the neighborhood remain faithful to their mission statements and don't fall the way of the over-entitled eateries that start wanting to make more than maximum cap on a single location. greed is what kills art.

and the ART of avocado toast has never been so flagrantly molested with the sharpest of blades to produce the most delightful cuts. red pepper sprinkles and citrus bring the elevation (compared to cafe reveille for example over on 18th). anyway, the tables are too long between people which is unfortunate, but the only thing that could probably make it more fun would be great company and i was lucky on that front.

i know, i know, there will be lines down lucky 13 in a few weeks, but i'm glad i got in early.

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Photo taken on 11 May 2019 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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