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Kalabaydh (Somaliland/Somalia) - Rural Somalia

Kalabaydh (Somaliland/Somalia) - Rural Somalia

In rural Somalia, most people are nomads. They live in provisional makeshift buildings like the depicted one. I shot this on the way from Hargeysa to Tog Wajaale and the Ethiopian border, in a village called Kalabaydh. From Hargeysa to Kalabaydh (and further on to Borama), there's a tarmac road in a good condition. To get back to Ethiopia, we had to leave this road here, and that's where the situation detoriates: The 20 km road between Kalabaydh and the border at Tog Wajaale is a horrible dust track.

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Photo taken @ Kalabaydh on 22 January 2010 (© Passport Party / Flickr)

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