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Somaliland Democracy Celebration 2017

Somaliland Democracy Celebration 2017

Women, men and children from Sheffield’s Somaliland community, plus supporters, today celebrated 27 years of working democracy in Somaliland outside Sheffield City Hall; in recent elections widely regarded as free and fair Somaliland elected its 5th President.
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Somaliland declared independence after the overthrow of a military dictator in 1991.
Somaliland's self-proclaimed independence still remains unrecognised by any country or international organisation.
Hundreds of thousands of men and women died during the civil war, Now Somaliland is fighting to eradicate poverty, empowering women to take active part in nation building and committed to stand up to FGM.

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Photo prise le 16 décembre 2017 (© Tim Dennell / Flickr)

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