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Border Crossing Rock Outcrop Overhang with Rock Art Human and Bovine Surrounding Desert Entrance to Las Geel Street sellers in Borama Toyota 4WD in the street of Borama Water tank (and little child hiding behind) in Borama Camel in Borama Open sewage in the street Tuktuk in the streets of Borama Goat shed in Borama Streets of Borama A qat (khat) stall in Borama Donkeys in the streets of Borama Bovine Human with Dog Cattle Rock Art Goats' shed Shops in Borama Garbage everywhere in Borama Goats roaming in the street Someone's building plot Charcoal sellers Goat sheds Street vendors in Borama Tuktuk in Borama Masha Allaah Money Exchange, Borama
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