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Mirador flou Port de Berbera, Somaliland La solitude du mercenaire - a face from Somalia Pétrole pas cher coffee cup Planche à biffetons Et on oubliera les ordures ! - And we shall forget the garbage! Président Ryale et ses rideaux (un goût certain) - The President Ryale and its curtains La vie à Hargeisa - Life in Hargeisa Men sitting in front of a colonial building, Djibouti Baby smiling, Djibouti Old colonial house, Djibouti Goubet island, Djibouti Kids attending the Islamic school in the streets of Tadjourah, Djibouti Camp insurgé - insurgeant camp Berbera Zeila Hotel Lanscape with mioche A woman in Somalia Soldiers of Puntland Golfe d'Aden Golfe d'Aden Mosquée Sombre - Strange Mosque this doesn't concern me 019 Sous Syad Barré - The last fight Afar women headrest Old house in Djibouti DSC_2984.jpg DSC_2980.jpg
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