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Master class in Berbera: how to use the 1,2 on the 85mm - Somaliland Ready to go to school - Somaliland Nomads building a house in the bush - Somaliland The only old door in Zeila - Somaliland Back from the market - Burao Somaliland Taylor in Borama - Somaliland Zeila old buildings - Somaliland Berbera beach - Somaliland Women in Berbera with qasil on the face - Somaliland Somaliland Police woman with henna on the hand Kids in Berbera - Somaliland X Ray cabinet in Hargeisa - Somaliland Beware of the goat! Iphone Hipstamatic - Somaliland Grave near Hargeisa Somaliland  thru Iphone Hipstamatic Berbera lanscape - Somaliland Hargeisa woman with niqab - Somaliland Somaliland shillings in Lughaye Barber in Borama - Somaliland Rock  art in Laas Geel - Somaliland Detail of a russian tank - Somaliland Berbera by night - Somaliland Camels and Man Mosque in Burao thru Iphone Hipstamatic - Somaliland Truck in Somaliland thru Iphone Hipstamatic Check point in Somaliland thru Iphone Hipstamatic Somali nomad near Zeila thru Iphone Hipstamatic - Somaliland
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