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Marché aux bestiaux Chaleur et poussière Colonial building in Djibouti Kids in front of a hut, Djibouti Qat prices in Djibouti souq, Djibouti Drawing on taylor shop frontage, Djibouti Very old mosque, Tadjoura, Djibouti Goat and kid on steps, Tadjourah, Djibouti Somaliland border Berbera, Somaliland Zeila Surfer somaliens - somalian surfers Panoramic Golfe d'Aden Golfe d'Aden Golfe d'Aden Ducaysane city center Monsieur Seguin et sa chèvre A man on the road Et on oubliera les ordures ! - And we shall forget the garbage! Biquette - Roe deer Nomad men - Mecs en marche, coeur nomade Ali Abdi Aware, Minister of Regional affairs (Puntland Somalia) 037 036 026 Ane de Somalie A manger et à boire Somaliland
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