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Stopping for a traveller on the Road 2 Goldogob city 6 Driving Through Garoowe Region Goldogob city 5 Stopping for a traveller on the Road 1 Early morning - Goldogob Dalaweyn Farm - Goldogob Gaalkacyo2 camels under a tree - Goldogob Mr. Dalaweyn Farm - Golodogb Goldogob - Gaalkacyo Road Goldogob Camel Market Dying Somalis and Disagreeing Leaders While Shabab is winning the government is losing because of its internal fighting Sharif carrying hiw well know bag and bribing Somali law makers AMISOM, TFG, Shaba and Hizbul Islam are all killing innocent Somalis Leaving behind burning capital Somali president and PM farewell photo Pirates Surrender to Royal Marine Boarding Teams HMS Cumberland Cuts Across the Bows of a Somalian Pirate Vessel Goldogob District Eid Day in Goldogob - 2010 Eid Day in Goldogob - 2010 GoldogobTruck/Tire Shop Balisoofe Town, Goldogob Region 3 Balisoofe Town, Goldogob Region 4 Balisoofe Town, Goldogob Region Balisoofe Town, Goldogob Region 2 Goldogob City 3 Goldogob, Eid, 2010
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